Double Identity


I had to shed some light on the development of this menacing-looking character. He’s not so menacing once you get to know him! I updated all that information, and more, on the About This Blog page. Enjoy.

Judæo-Islamic Calligraphy!

I plan to post my Arabic and Hebrew calligraphy on this page (hover mouse over Artwork in the Menu).

I posted one of my old scrap pieces below — two additional, much nicer pieces (+ more descriptions on the nature of this Judæo-Arabic category) can be viewed by following the above link!

People…near and far, time and time again…have always tried to claim a piece of this Land.

*** The content and imagery of my blog are still jumbled—I’ll post more work once I’ve upgraded to Premium. Woohoo! ***

Semitic Scripts and MORE

Hello! This WordPress blog is still under serious construction.
Please come back soon 🙂

For the time-being, I will limit myself to sharing my simpler pieces from my Portfolio and some doodles/scraps!
One of my prime interests is learning the relations between two similar languages, like Hebrew and Arabic, and how+why scripts of different languages, like Georgian and Aramaic, have morphed through the centuries…and also how+why any given population of one language adopts the script of an unrelated language. Once I start posting more Calligraphy, this interest of mine will hopefully be more evident!