A few months ago, I put up a blog post explaining this piece:  Samaya.

This is the most recent version of my Samaya piece (inspired by a Georgian folklore performance by Sukhishvili). I would like to see this hung someplace with lots of natural lighting, stained glass windows, and mirrors. The imitation Swarovski gems reflect the light, and dazzling hues of light sparkles on the adjacent wall! I would hang this at a slight convex bend (above is shown concave), so it captures light at greater surface area.





Medusa’s Serpents / Miriam’s Spite
I illustrated this piece a little over 6 years ago for an Art Nouveau and pattern assignment. I attempted to have her curls morph into the waves of the sea. This was back when I used Sharpies as my ink of choice. I cannot remember whether this figure represents Medusa or Miriam, or if she was just a figment of my imagination. Back then, I was bolder and faster in my approach to illustration. I wasn’t shy. Nowadays, I hesitate too much, sketch preliminaries, and research before I get the first drop of ink on paper (although I am just as enthusiastic). I am on my way to achieving a healthy balance between aggressive and cautious approaches (the former leads to more mistakes, but we learn and grow from them).



A gouache self-portrait of a sleep-deprived and caffeinated Mariam during finals week. The red textbook reads “Geschichte die Welt” or “History of the World”.  Time was my worst enemy that semester. Now, I would never procrastinate like the other kids. Instead, I dwelled on papers and projects for far too long, trying to make them as extravagant and impressive as possible. I tried going beyond expectations for every assignment, and it was FUN…but I was miserable. I thought I was invincible. Although I never slept, I did survive. Now I can happily say that time management is one of the most important qualities I’ve ever learned.



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Frolicking through the Fumes 
Mentality: “As long as our gas masks stay on, everything is aye-okay!” This was done with water colours, but I am tempted to redo it with gouache paints. This is a grotesque scenario of what we have been facing in the last few decades, and isn’t too far from the truth.


Obama’s Portrait.

Obama had just been re-elected, and our class was required to paint his portrait using oils. I requested to paint another leader, but my professor said no. So I gave him a cracked Byzantine halo and Captain America’s shield. My biggest mistake here was using very old oil paints and leaving this on the roof of my car to dry under the sun and wind.

Jail Break / Toyboxplosion

I illustrated this childhood nightmare several years ago, for the same class as my Medusa/Miriam portrait. The goal of this assignment was to exercise perspective drawing. I chose the perspective of a doll who is witnessing a jail break. I tried to make this scene as creepy as possible.


Weather-Icons_2Weather Icons

I illustrated these weather icons specifically to be used in the Washington Post webpage and mobile applications. The intention was to create a fine balance between subdued frivolity, but with obvious references to the expected weather forecast, since according to demographics, the WP is most often viewed by parents and their kids right before their morning commute. Many forms of amusement and humour can ease the tensions experienced during rush hour, but the key was to keep it subtle and purposeful. Though each icon carries a different expression that conveys the comfort level of the climate, there is consistency in style, no matter what the weather is like.

This project was done in early 2012, when I was finally feeling comfortable with Illustrator!



Hawaiian Pixel Salad

For a project, we were instructed to bring in fruits to class, and get into our teams, then have a photoshoot. The photos were supposed to come out looking like something you’d find in a health food magazine or recipe book. Then we had to select a photo to ink it with gradients and lines, then colour our work using Illustrator. I now decide to share this piece, because it was my very first time using Illustrator!

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