eleg_decaElegance in Decadence
Midway through the “Paradox of Horror” by Berys Gaut, I got sidetracked by thoughts pertaining to the reading. Moments later, I found myself scribing where I should’ve been note-taking. Fear, disgust, and negative emotions are NOT intrinsically unpleasant, according to Gaut…according to me, the elegance of the dance of decadence shall evoke the very same concept. Oh, and since I accidentally messed up the stroke weight of the “d”, I figured turning it into a serpent’s tail would draw attention away from my mistake…oops.



Part I Hawaiian Pixel Salad 
(see my Illustrations for the final one)

FOAFestival of the Arts 
(see Calligraphy for the final one)

Saqartvelo and Georgia
(See Calligraphy for the final one)

saqartvelo_vines saqartvelo-ink_png


(better known as): FRANZ LISZT
Click here to be redirected to my original post for this, and the story behind this doodle.  ;)




According to the Ancient Coffee Legends, Espresso Aeternus (otherwise known as “The Deity of Vitality”) grants all patient nocturnal insomniacs with rivers that flow with the richest Ethiopian coffee, brewed to perfection…in their non-existent night-time dreams.



frantic-fourAMFrantic at Four (AM)
As I inked this li’l thing out in a state of serious exhaustion, I eventually passed out.


Mystery siren in the woods.

solo_stargazerSolo Stargazing
I used to like to adding my distinguished rings as a ‘watermark’
Almost every weekend night during the summer of 2014, I journeyed into the depths of the cosmos, and back. During these phantasmic oscillating trips, my speed exceeded that of light. Those nights were…like a vacation intertwined with meditation…the highest form of worship! One would not appreciate it unless they have completed this worthwhile pilgrimage.

This was‘sCzeched’ to the sounds of Antonín Dvořàk, Symphony No. 9
(get it?! because he is a Czech composer!) :D



Click here for the original post.


Click here for my original post.


Origins (Unequal Evils)
I do not want to say who these three vile men are, but obviously their maliciousness cannot be compared to one another.




Winter Solstice
I shared this on instagram (back when I used to have an account), and applied a horrendous filter to it. When I find my old sketch book, I will take a proper photo of it and upload it in place of this. This sketch was for a Christmas card project for school, but I took a bit of a  secular route and gave it a Yule theme.

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