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Three types of publication designs I’ve done that I would love to share, but probably shouldn’t share here on my blog for privacy reasons (they are local businesses).

(1) a brochure for a Georgian Orthodox monastery (“Saint Nina”)—a very cherished memory!
(2) a logo for a charity (“Deir Debwan”)
(3) a menu for a restaurant (“Jerusalem”)

The Georgian lettering I designed for the brochure is at the bottom of my Calligraphy page.


“Festival of the Arts” poster
I am satisfied with the lettering, but I’d revise the layout in a heartbeat. Thankfully, this was just a class side-exercise, so they were not printed and distributed around campus!



This project was the only “Art as applied to Science” assignment given to us.
It’s a shame my university didn’t offer a course that specialises in medical art. This is my illustration depicting the degenerative symptoms of osteopenia, which often leads to osteoporosis in the elderly. This is supposed to coincide with an article in the health section of a TIME magazine that discusses this disease in detail. An illustration of this nature probably would not be published in a more professional medical journal. However, medical art is virtuous to publishers of textbooks, who need thousands of meticulous visuals and explanatory diagrams of the body for medical students.


FOA_posterFestival of the Arts (2012), featuring Vladimir.

Vlad is a composite of an overly-ambitious, sleep-deprived college student. Many students, regardless of major, relate to these notorious late nights, which attracts their attention to the poster above. Rather than ominously hunching over his work, Vlad displays great optimism—his upward motion, brush in hand, gestures the viewer’s eye toward the events listed in his thought cloud.

Events are typeset in Hobo Standard, to imitate the familiar phenomenon of using a black Sharpie on yellow sticky-notes to mark important duties. The layout swirls in a clockwise manner, starting from 6 O’clock (Vlad’s hand) and ending where the beam of light hits Vlad’s banner, and flows down toward the contact information. This poster won first place in a ‘Graphic Design Studio II’ competition in 2012, and was distributed throughout Marymount University campus.

The events and captions were changed to describe the actual attractions of the festival. Van Gogh’s presence would’ve been a hit.


Wish-List _FLYER6_Page_1
Winter ‘wish list’ gift basket forms I designed for the World Market!
The front page.

Wish-List _FLYER6_Page_2

Gift basket forms for World Market
The back page.


Sanaa_Skyline_final1 Sanaa_Skyline_final2 Sanaa_Skyline_final3
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