Happy (Hopefully) New Year!

"Festivus" was never observed in ancient Mesopotamia. This century, however…
“Festivus” was never observed in ancient Mesopotamia. This century, however…

Happy Holidays and New Year, everyone. It’s been a while. This year, let’s make this world a bit of a better place, amidst the escalating chaos, starting with making one stranger smile today! Well, folks…this weekend marks the moment where I leave my qualms of corporate retail behind me. At last, there shall be the spare time to publish my long overdue drafts, as I hunt for a job more relevant to my career aspirations. I hope to find it soon. As I search for a new job here in the Washington D.C. area, I’ll shake off the recurring fantasies of exploring Belgrade, Moscow, Teheran, or Tunis. How I miss the east!

I will return soon with actual content.

Kind Regards,

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  1. You have a sublimely interesting and informative blog – I will be back to explore it some more. We live in terrible times in which terrible people commit terrible crimes (some of your posts make this very clear).
    You have recently visited my blog, “Among Armenian Ruins”, and I cannot believe how, in six short months, places once peaceful are now consumed by war (a war engineered to guarantee a democratically elected tyrant – Erdogan – the opportunity to remain in power). Phil.

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